Is Regenera Activa for Hair Loss Expensive?

The human body harbors remarkable cells capable of remarkable feats when strategically administered. Indeed, we’re referring to harnessing the power of mystical stem cells to address hair-related concerns. 

Hair serves as a natural adornment that bolsters our confidence, yet it’s susceptible to external and internal influences, leading to issues like hair loss. This can be particularly distressing for working professionals striving to maintain a polished appearance. 

Well, Regenera Activa treatment is here at your rescue! 

But is the treatment too expensive, and is it worth it to take it up? 

Let’s get to know. 


What is the Regenera Activa treatment?

Hair loss can be a major concern for many people. The Regenera Activa procedure offers a promising solution. This treatment harnesses the power of your own stem cells, extracted from your body and used to combat hair loss. Stem cells have the remarkable ability to transform into different cell types and regenerate damaged tissues. In Regenera Activa, these potent cells are introduced into the scalp, where they invigorate hair follicles, promoting the growth of thicker, longer hair strands. 

Unlike traditional hair transplants, which focus on transplanting entire hair follicles, Regenera Activa utilizes the regenerative properties of stem cells. This innovative approach offers a potentially more natural and long-term solution for hair loss. 

Regenera Activa price may depend on many factors and hence may vary accordingly. 

Who can undergo the treatment?

Regenera Activa is widely regarded as an effective and minimally invasive treatment option, offering accessibility to a broad range of patients regardless of gender. However, it’s important to note that pregnant women are not suitable candidates for this procedure. 

Additionally, certain conditions may render the treatment inadvisable, such as cases of rapid hair shedding or advanced hair loss leading to baldness in the target area. In such instances, alternative approaches like DHITM – Direct Hair Implantation Hair Transplant Technique may be recommended. A personalized hair loss diagnosis enables us to provide tailored recommendations, ensuring that patients receive the most suitable treatment for their individual needs. 

What is the procedure for Regenera Activa treatment?

During the procedure, 1-3 micro-grafts containing stem cells harvested from the scalp are extracted through incisions. These specimens, comprising fat tissues, stem cells, and hair follicles, undergo centrifugation to isolate the stem cells. Subsequently, these stem cells, along with growth factors and extracellular matrix, are administered into the scalp using mesotherapy. This approach is notably safer than other methods as it avoids deep penetration and utilizes the patient’s own tissues. Upon injection, the stem cells and growth factors effectively stimulate the scalp, promoting the regeneration of hair follicles and facilitating hair regrowth. 

This treatment proves beneficial for individuals experiencing: 

  • Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia (both males and females). 
  • Traction Alopecia 
  • Hair loss resulting from Scars or Burns 

Regenera Activa Vs PRP: What is the difference?

People often find themselves perplexed by the array of hair loss treatments available, many of which appear to serve a similar purpose. 

When comparing Regenera Activa with PRP, the primary distinction lies in their methods of extraction. Both treatments utilize growth factors, but while PRP extracts these from the patient’s blood, Regenera Activa obtains them from the scalp, including micro-grafts along with growth factors. 

Regarding their efficacy, results can vary from one individual to another for both treatments. PRP therapy has shown effectiveness in addressing hair loss, and there are also promising results and reviews for Regenera Activa. However, there is currently insufficient comparative empirical data to determine which treatment yields superior results. 

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How much does Regenerative Activa treatment cost?

The Regenerative Activa price can vary depending on several factors, like the number of sessions that need to be undertaken, the complexity of the procedure, the extent of hair loss, and the qualifications and experience of the physician. Post-initial consultation, the doctor will determine the cost. 

Factors Affecting Pricing 

It’s important to note that the pricing encompasses various aspects, including the attending physician’s fee and necessary supplies. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these components: 

Physician Fee 

Many patients are concerned about the doctor’s consultation fee, but fortunately, it’s already included in the overall price. 

Cost of Supplies 

Most clinics may require additional payments for supplies used during the procedure, such as anesthesia, latex gloves, alcohol pads, and syringes. These items are typically not provided by the clinic and must be purchased separately. 

Treatment Coverage 

The fee encompasses the treatment area, meaning you’ll only pay according to the specific region being treated. 

How worth is undergoing a Regenerative Activa treatment?


This method has demonstrated its effectiveness, offering remarkable advantages such as: 

  • Utilizing progenitor cells from the patient’s own body ensures safety and reduces reliance on external resources. 
  • Patients undergo only one painless session, eliminating the need for multiple visits to the doctor. 
  • It is both safe and minimally invasive. 
  • There is virtually no downtime post-treatment, allowing patients to resume their normal activities immediately. 
  • The procedure is quick and efficient as it involves fast tissue preparation and natural tissue breakdown. 


  • FDA Approved (Guarantees its safety and efficacy). 
  • Over 150,000 individuals have already benefited from this treatment. 
  • A minimally invasive procedure (generally takes a maximum of 30 minutes). 
  • Patients can go back to their daily routine immediately after the treatment. 
  • Visible results within just 3 months. 
  • Required only once a year. 

Want to understand more about Regenera hair treatment and its price structure? Want to understand more about Regenera hair treatment and its price structure? 

Want to understand more about Regenera hair treatment and its price structure? 

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